Learn about Gimbal and the uses of Gimbal

In this article, we discuss some of the accessories that are currently in use. It’s the Gimbal. What is the Gimbal Stabilizer? How does a gimbal stabilizer work? We will go through below to find out them.

Learn about Gimbals and the uses of Gimbals

Today Gimbals exists in many different sizes and variations

What is the Gimbal Stabilizer?

It helps to stabilize your photos and videos as you shoot with your camera. If you have enjoyed a movie, a movie clip, professional clips, sure anyone has ever seen, if you have not watched unless you live in the cave, surely, you will ask yourself: How come the scenes are smooth, so stable. And that is the gimbals.

Previously, Gimbals was used in professional film crews. Because its cost is very high, up to several thousand. Consumers are hard at hand to own one. As time passes, devices such as cameras and phones start to get cheaper and reach users more easily. So, the Gimbals began to grow. Now you or I have the ability to buy and use Gimbals.

How stable are the Gimbals? How does a gimbal stabilizer work?

According to the information provided, gimbals stabilize the video. Gimbals operate by adjusting the 3-axis electronics, namely the yaw, yard, and rows to ensure that the camera rotates around a shaft when shooting, so the camera does not shake and record smooth shots. that, do not jerk. With the image above, you easily see that the object rotates independently around a single axis. Adjust and fix it how? It is a three-axis gimbal that has a total of three sensors for measuring three different rotors, each independently located. It also has three motors, each engine controlling the axis of the camera. The sensor will give each measurement to the processor, followed by the processing and output to the engine. In a nutshell, when sensors record or measure changes or errors, the processor will drive the motor free of motion, fast, so that the camera is leveled to the ground, creating a beautiful image.

Learn about the history of the Gimbals

Learn about Gimbals and the uses of Gimbals

Gimbal definition

In the beginning, the Gimbals were not just electronics from the start. The middle handle is where the user is holding and adjusting from there and any movement from the handle will not affect a camera or counterweight. It was just before the electronics, chip-sets and circuit boards were used to stabilize the camera. It is equivalent to the above and counterbalances to help keep the camera locked and balance the ground to maintain stability.

However, why do not they use a stabilizer? Because, it is too heavy and very heavy, too heavy. Each balance has an extra weight at the bottom which helps to stabilize and keep the camera balanced and besides the balance, the link also has a large amount of weight, so no need to say, The designer decides to leave the counterbalance gimbals and replace them with a rotor electronics instead. One thing to keep in mind about the physical stabilizer is that it has been like carrying weight while filming. This is great when you are working.

Learn about Gimbals and the uses of Gimbals

Gimbal stabilizer

1.Types of Gimbals

There are many types of gimbals available today that you can easily find and buy from any store, any center. I will classify into 3 different groups as follows:

2.Number of axes

A perfect gimbal consists of 3 axes, pitch, roll, and yaw. Mention 3 yaw, roll and pitch above. The three main axes will be all the camera details needed because the objects easily rotate around the 3 axis and so you will be able to control and control any position or detail of the camera. However, in addition to that, because some users have different budgets and budgets, the manufacturers that have researched and implemented have done either pitch (or roll) or axes (very rarely).

Therefore, the difference between price, money, cost of a 2, 3 axis is really great, with a $ 2 axes and $ 2 axes three times the cost of two, $ 200 price. Even so, one thing that I advise you is that, because I noticed the 3-axis gimbal is the best because it’s good and cheap, less than $ 150 by the time of posting. You can check out this video to see the other Difference between 2 axes and 3 axial gimbals.


Learn about Gimbals and the uses of Gimbals

Many sizes for you

In terms of stimulation, there are 2 types: large gimbals and small gimbals, different size gimbals. There are many sizes to choose from when buying a gimbal. Because the camera, the phone is a very different size, resulting in gimbals too. Manufacturers have researched to give out two different sizes are large gimbals and small gimbals.

The first is the “small” gimbals, which are typical for consumers, accounting for the bulk. So things like handheld cameras, small cameras, action cameras, cell phones, iPhone fit the big amount of this size. Therefore, I see many people have chosen and bought yourself a small gimbal.

Monday, Gimbals size ‘big’. These gimbals are usually only used for professional tweens and Youtubers. Since they usually use a video camera, the camera is quite large. To accomplish this, one needs a large gimbal to meet this need. Gimbal is a large size compatible camera, camcorder for professional tweezers to make a video.


Understanding the main perks through the use of an electron, we find that it can be used in addition to the static state, which can be used dynamically as on moving objects, such as in a car. buses, planes, boats, bicycles, electronic gimbals can handle extremely fast turns, change direction, change direction and vibrate pretty well. In addition, a mechanic will still work well in the event of inertia and the problem is that the camera may be inclined to the right.

Learn about Gimbals and the uses of Gimbals

Want to have quality videos, then choose a suitable Gimbals to fix when shooting, balance with the ground.

In contrast to this, the main disadvantage of this device is that it uses battery power and so even when touched with little water it is easy to break down the system. But do not worry too much, because, today, manufacturers have created waterproof gimbals, making use of the device easier, more durable. If you want to use it for a long time, you need to charge it continuously.

Finally, we will share to you an advantage of this stabilizer. It’s about the price. Most of the customers use compact devices such as small cameras, phones. We can buy at the right price that the manufacturer to design to sell to the market.