Video review EVO GP-PRO Gimbal Stabilizer

The EVO GP-PRO for the GoPro HERO3 – HERO6 from EVO Gimbals is a three-axis motorized handheld gimbal that enables you to achieve fluid, cinematic shots of various kinds. For example, it allows you to smoothly follow your subject, move the camera around your subject from all angles, mimic crane and dolly shots, and more. It’s designed with precision-wound brushless motors coupled with high frequency 200 Hz position encoders, ensuring a high level of stabilization. The gimbal’s universal mount supports the GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4 Silver/Black, HERO5 Black, and HERO6 Black cameras.

Depending on the mode you select, the EVO GP-PRO will balance itself out along the corresponding axis/axes. Additionally, there’s a five-way joystick control that will let you manually feather the pane, tilt, and roll axes.

The gimbal is powered by two included, rechargeable 2000mAh lithium-ion batteries. Using an included power cable, you can also supplement power to the HERO3/HERO4 camera directly from these batteries (HERO5/6 Black cameras require a separately available cable). An LED battery indicator on the handle will warn you when the batteries are running low so you can replace them. Additional batteries are sold separately (model # EVO-50602).

Heading Follow Mode
Locks the tilt and roll axes. Camera smoothly pans left and right when rotating in the direction of the handle.

Heading Lock Mode
Locks the pan, tilt, and roll axes in the direction the camera is facing when the mode is activated. Great for smoothing long dynamic moving shots.

Heading & Tilt Follow Mode
Roll axis is locked. The camera will smoothly follow the pan and tilt of the handle.

Inverted Mode
Allows you to use your gimbal upside down. This mode is an inverted version of the Heading & Tilt mode.

Standby Mode
The gimbal motors are powered off but the gimbal remains calibrated, ready to use.