Top ten best DSLR camera stabilizer

According to high technology development, there are many types of cameras with various functions but when it comes to advanced and professional lens models, nothing is better than the DSLR (standing for a digital single-lens reflex camera). However the more the mirrorless, the DSLR still keep popularity in both professional and amateur photographer. Therefore, gimbals for the DSLR (DSLR camera stabilizer) is also developing as a result so that it can meet the full demand of the customer.

Gimbals have recently become one of the outstanding tools in filmmaking for 2013. Gimbals are also called camera stabilizer or camera-stabilizing mount helps an object to remain horizontal regardless of the motion around it. Another way, gimbals are one of the simplest and most effective ways of improving the quality of the video you capture. Therefore gimbals are very necessary and useful for DSLR cameras.

How to choose the best gimbals following your requirements in a variety of gimbals market? Let’s continue reading 10 recommendations for the top DSLR cameras. On terms of different design, functions and price, we make some reviews so that you can find the most suitable gimbal yourself.

1. Zhiyun Crane V2

Zhiyun Crane V2 best dslr camera gimbals stabilizers
Gimbal stabilizer DSLR

– Three-axis helps shooter create a cinematic video without shaking of handheld. It can also turn round 360 degrees in all directions allowing for creation of movement when in action process. Can you use it via remote control or smartphone the App Store.

– Three operation modes include a locked mode, a pan and following mode and a selfie mode.

–  We can control gimbal by a button on gimbal’s handle. Steady, noiseless and smooth videos powered by three MCUs which can change 0.2-degree intervals.

– The gimbal body is made from an aluminum alloy frame which helps it stable, durable but also quite lightweight.


– One of the best features is using tool-less adjustment thumb screws which allowing to balance camera easily and fast.

– It is made with self-balancing brushless motors to get rid of unexpected movement and also stabilize video footage, therefore, you can capture footage with professional stabilization.

– There is also a lens support bracket which is suitable for larger camera lenses.

– It has a great battery life (estimated 12-18 hours) which helps you can get shooting or video a long time without worrying about gimbals interrupts the screen.

2. Letus Helix JR. Aluminum 3- Aixs Gimbal Stabilizer

Letus Helix JR. Aluminum 3- Aixs Gimbal Stabilizer
3 axis gimbal stabilizer DSLR

– It consists of 3 axes: a pan motor, tilt motor and roll motor. With handheld-mode, it can be used in both standard handheld mode or in suitcase mode.

– There is left and right handgrips for handheld using so you can easily balance the gimbal after a lens swap. It has functioned as a typical top handle.

– The camera can be rotated for repositioning 180 degrees so you can move or change angle easily.

– It comes with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. The fact, this Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly connect from a Mac/Windows computer or Android app, therefore, you can easily adjust settings or configuration. The rest allows you to use IOS app which you can download for free from the App Store. Very convenient for the shooter.

– The frame sits under the camera and is made from aluminum alloy.


– This stabilizer has a flat bottom to place down and left on the flat surface which is useful for your shooting in a long time

– It can balance around your camera, which helps you to practice nodal point rolls and to minimize the movement of the image sensor for capturing stabilized shots without shaking or moveable

– On display, there is a battery indicator which informs of you about remaining battery life. Battery and charger included with only four hours a charge, so impressive for popularity among documentarians and event videographers

3. Moza Lite 2 Premium Handheld Gimbal

Moza Lite 2 Premium Handheld Gimbal
Handheld gimbal camera

– The frame is made from aluminum alloy, both solid also lightweight. It is the optimal choice for a wide range of professional camera as DSLR devices.

– There are three different operation modes: underslung mode, upright mode and briefcase mode which accepted in a wide variety of shoots.

– It has a multiple-functional wireless thumb controller, besides it integrated with a clear OLED display which shows clearly the configuration. Its function is such as pre-settings for different cameras and lenses, remotely adjusting the camera focus or controlling the movement of the stabilizer.


– The detachable top handlebar allows for easy assembly or disassembly. It lets gimbal to cover a variety of shooting platforms, such as drones, cranes, tripods, and rigs.

– The battery life is highly appreciated as intelligent within 4-8 hours, both over-depletion protection and also built-in overcharge. This allows your camera to work freely during all-day shooting without worry.

4. Beholder DS1 Handheld Stabilizer 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal

Beholder DS1 Handheld Stabilizer 3-Aixs Brushless Gimbal
Handheld gimbal stabilizer for DSLR

This allows the camera to work freely. No more worries about the battery running out! With built-in overcharge and over-depletion protection.


– Because it can hold from 2 kg to 3.8 kg so it is created for the heavier camera.

– The frame is made from high-quality aluminum, both solid also lightweight and portable only 2.4 pounds (1kg) without the attached camera.

– It comprises of 3 axis gyro and 4 modes: follow, lock, inverted and briefcase. You can adjust it by stabilizer or joystick in the handgrip to pan and tilt.

– It also is designed with ON/OFF switch and battery indicator.


– The shooting angles are between 45 degrees (roll) and 90 degrees (tilt) therefore you can customize the Stabilizer with outstanding accessories to make a smooth and stable video.

– When you change the camera lens, it’s the effective function of Beholder DS1 with a release base plate to remove your camera quickly.

– It was extremely difficult to find any negative feedback except for only 3 hours of battery life. It very completely deserves for the huge budget if you want to own a high-quality handheld gimbal.

5. Glide Gear Geranos VII Gyro Motorized Stabilizer

Glide Gear Geranos VII Gyro Motorized Stabilizer
Motorized handheld stabilizer

– The frame is made from high-quality aluminum and plastic which is very convenient to move or turn round other angles.

– It is offered an advanced floating point algorithm that you can take the video clearly with pinpoint precision

– It is also attached by the vest and arm system so you can adjust the position of gimbal on your chest or arm without worrying about suffering from the arm or taking a shaky video.

– The dual IMU sensor allows recording videos with high-quality.


– It is provided a wireless control via a mobile app on both iOS and Android supported, therefore, you can easily control it right from your mobile phone.

– With 360 degrees rotation and tool-less balancing, it can take super clear videos.

– Especially, the 5-way analog joystick helps you to capture the professional video.

– The battery life is 8 hours for a single charge. It also is enough to put it in a bag and travel. Photographers can breathe a sigh of relief when they have to face with a long day on shooting.

6. Ikan MS1 Beholder Gimbal

Ikan MS1 Beholder Gimbal
Beholder gimbal for DSLR

The Ikan MS1 Beholder is a lower-price-range handheld gimbals therefore it will be popular with many cinema photographers


– As Glide Gear Geranos VII Gyro Motorized Stabilizer, Ikan MS1 Beholder Gimbal has also been designed a 5-way joystick. Besides it, it has 3 mode options like follow mode, lock mode, and pan-and-tilt mode.

–  It has a function to record and monitor.

– It has attached by USB for a small LED or smartphone. USB is also used for charging.

– The frame is made from completely aluminum so it is very lightweight.


– The motors permit camera easily to move on its without catching or jerking. It can roll or tilt to catch up with movement in all directions. With this feature, you can take high-quality shots no matter worrying about what they’re doing.

– It is preferred for taking outdoor and sports photography easier and more enjoyable because of some improvable features.

– Battery material is very eco-friendly and powered-low maintenance.

7. DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

 DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
3 axis gimbal stabilizer DSLR

– The frame is made from magnesium which is durable, lightweight and easily moveable.

– 3 Axes with different functions like one axe for keeping the camera steady at a horizontal level while the other for remaining the tilt and pan.

– There are 3 modes: upright operation mode, underslung operation mode, and briefcase mode.

– It is provided a wireless control via a mobile app on both iOS and Android supported, therefore, you can easily control it right from your mobile phone.


– It supports a dual-operator shooting function. In this mode, the user would connect a radio controller to manually adjust the camera pan and tilt independently. You can also use a D-Bus port as if a third-party transmitter.

– Although getting it balanced very is difficult, it is suitable for a professional filmmaker or editor to receive smooth footage from any angle, any position or any way of using because it is very natural in your hands whether you’re holding it above your head, in front of your face or by the top handle.

– Battery life is very long, about 8 hours when you take shots outside and you only lost 1 hour for a full charge.

8. Came-TV Optimus 3-Axis Camera Gimbal

Came-TV Optimus 3-Axis Camera Gimbal
Optimus 3-Axis Camera Gimbal

– With small size design and lightweight, it is popular for the small and medium DSLR cameras only

– It can be operated with one hand in the underslung then the inverted positions. All motors can also turn around full 360 degrees without limitation for greater range and flexibility during operation.

– The single handle has been attached a joystick. Further, the Optimus also include a wireless joystick remote. You can easily change between single or dual handles without late or interruption.


– The battery life works for up to 10 hours. You can recharge it by doing stabilizer USB port. Very convenient for shooting outside. The amazing long-lasting battery is to keep your shooting for longer and longer.

– If you starting taking photoshoots and are in the budget, Came-TV is the best simple choice for getting footage with basic stabilization of gimbals. It plays a role as a power bank which means water-dust resistant.

9. Pilotfly H2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Pilotfly H2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

– It uses a 32-bit Alexmos controller, two integrated IMU sensors and triple motor control units which make smooth and efficient shooting.

– The handle is very well-designed and has a four-way joystick that provides for optimal motion control.

– The 3 axes of the gimbal are made from CNC aluminum alloy so gimbal is either lightweight or stable.

– There is 5 functions mode: follow mode, pitch lock, full lock, follow roll and home mode.

– It is integrated with a clear OLED display which shows clearly the power and battery level.


– The camera mounting assembly supplies multiple points of adjustment which helps the user to find the center of gravity for all axes. It can be right or left adjustable to support different cameras.

– Up to 24-hours battery life plus it can charge your phone when it is in use. It’s a long battery file for a long shooting.

10. Sutefoto S40 Handheld Stabilizer Pro Version

Sutefoto S40 Handheld Stabilizer Pro Version
Handheld Stabilizer Pro Version

– The frame is made from aluminum with a black powder coating which is durable, lightweight and easily moveable.

– The handle is convenient and easy to use.


– With this gimbal, cinema photographer can take high and low angle shooting with high precision bearings and low friction joints.

– A surprising achievement is bursting with features, superbly stabilized in the shooting process. The impressive layout of physical controls, a dedicated button and joystick control gets a second-nature picture.

– Battery life is poor compared with competing gimbals.

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