Top Best Gimbals For iPhone XS & XS Max – Reviews

Top Best Gimbals For iPhone XS & XS Max – In-depth Reviews To Discovers The Most Suitable Products For You

Finding the best gimbal for your iPhone XS or XS Max is hard but not impossible. Let’s take your time to read my reviews, and you will discover the best gimbal for your needs and some answers to your questions about gimbal for iPhone.

“Is the gimbal really helpful for IPhone XS or XS Max in recording videos?” This problem has raised lots of people’s caring. Some people say “yes”, while others completely deny this. Now I will give you the answer and the evidence.

As a person who has a passion for traveling, I highly recommend the usage of gimbals. It’s obvious to see the difference of quality and stability in your video when getting the gimbal. You also may be amazed at some special features. The thing is what type of gimbal will meet your video’s needs and your own preferences while there are many types of gimbal on the market. Don’t worry! I will give you some suggestions with their excellent features, disadvantages, and specifications basing on my real experience and customers’ reviews for you to choose from. Moreover, I also give you the answers to some questions which are frequently asked. I strongly hope this article will helpful to you. Now is the time for the list of gimbals which work well for iPhone XS and XS Max.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 – Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

First of all, I highly recommend DJI Osmo Mobile 2 because of their impressive features and the population for many YouTubers and videographers. I have used it for a year and I really like the way the cinematic motion was captured by DJI Osmo Mobile 2. It makes my stories more lively and whenever I watched my videos, the stories were acted out in the sight of me. With high durability, this gimbal is extremely a good choice for those who like shooting longboarding and skateboarding video footage. Personally, I think that cutting its weight to 485g is an excellent improvement of this gimbal. I can easily use it all day to live streaming or get some videos when traveling. That DJI Osmo Mobile 2 charges the phones makes it works well for almost all types of live footage.

Especially, it is equipped with a high- capacity battery, which is convenient for people who like backpacking tourism. I haven’t tested the exact capacity of the battery, but I think you can use it for 15 hours maximum. With an excellent running time, you don’t have to worry about the battery when having outside footages. Since this gimbal was improved with a protective molded case, carrying case seems to be no longer necessary. In general, DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is light and good for getting smooth videos. Other features are also excellent as well.

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DJI Osmo Mobile 2 – Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer


  • Available for smartphones up to 3.3
  • Supported DJI GO App
  • Capturing smooth videos
  • Designed with a light weight.

Accessories Manufacturer

  • DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal – A good product.
  • Charging Cable
  • Carrying Case – unnecessary and inconsonant.
  • 12″ Flex Tripod – a good choice for desk stuff.
  • The base for the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 – good quality.
  • Cleaning Cloth – In my point of view, it’s not worth buying.

Pros & Cons


  • A high-capacity battery – convenient for recording videos and live streaming when traveling
  • Lightweight – easy for people to use it all day.
  • Durability – can work well for any case even in a heavy-duty environment.


  • Carrying case – which goes with the accessory package is unnecessary.
  • Can’t work with smartphone lower than 3.3 – I discover this when trying to connect with my previous smartphone- Samsung Galaxy.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer – Inexpensive Focus Pull & Zoom Option.

For those who can’t afford other expensive gimbals, Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal is a considerable choice. Despite getting some major deficiencies, it’s good for some applications. The deficiency I care most is the ZY Play software. Almost all customers’ feedbacks showed that their discommodity malfunction is caused by ZY Play and it should be solved immediately. However, as far as I know,  Zhiyun is making a plan for the integration between their hardware and Filmic Pro. I hope this may result in an amazing improvement in the features. Remember that I am giving you some reviews basing on the iPhone user’s perspective. Therefore, if you have an Android platform device, this gimbal may work well for your device than the iOS device.

Another key point to remember is that Zhiyun Smooth 4 is not only cheaper than other options but also good at the exterior quality. It’s designed with nice and solid materials. Besides, it potentially becomes an important part of a good system. Obviously, apart from the disadvantage caused by software’s bugs, customers and experienced users give a high evaluation for this type of gimbal. However, I only encourage people who use it for photography or desk use to purchase it because this gimbal seems to be a hard stabilizer to balance. If you are able to afford a more expensive gimbal, should you get the better one?


  • Operation Voltage Standard: 7.4 v
  • Product Net Weight(g): 547
  • Output Voltage Standard: 5 v
  • Operation Temperature: Max: 45 °C, Standard: 25°C, Min:-10°C
  • Battery Runtime Standard: 12 h(Laboratory Data)
  • Charging Time Standard: 3 h
  • Tilt Mechanical Range:240 °
  • Roll Mechanical Range:240 °
  • Valid Payload:Max: 210g, Min: 75g

Manufacturer Accessories

  • 1x Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal
  • 1x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1x Storage Box
  • 1x Tripod
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Cleaning Cloth

Pros & Cons


  • Good building materials – Nice and solid.
  • Potentially become an important part of a good system.
  • Easily taking the photos.
  • Offer an ideal price so you can save your money.


  • It doesn’t balance therefore it’s only suitable for those who need for photography or desk use.
  • Software malfunction – There are some annoying malfunctions caused by software.
  • Overheats – it heats up very quickly when using or sometimes at random.

Feiyu Vimble 2 – 3-Axis Handheld Smartphone Gimbal

Having said that Feiyu Vimble 2 is the best budget pick for you to buy. However, except for the good price, this gimbal gets lots of disadvantages like poorly –functioning features and some flaws in the designation. I say that base on real evidence. For example, if you try using videos on the smartphone app, it’s hard for you to get a good quality video. Specifically, you can’t obviously see lots of things on your video. It’s must be annoying when wasting money on a faulty product. Moreover, this application gets many flaws and I feel it extremely slow. The thing I dissatisfied most is the balance. I couldn’t complete until I had wasted 3 hours for it. My perseverance seems to be challenged. Imagine that you have got a new gimbal and how excited are you to test for it.

And yet, you can’t balance it with iPhone XS. What an awful thing! It’s capacity battery is also low as well. On average, you can use it from 3 to 6 hours. Despite this, we can’t deny the benefits of Feiyu Vimble 2. For instance, it is equipped with an extension, which is not easy to find. Many customers worry about the falling of their phone when using the gimbal. Nevertheless, it’s not a problem for Feiyu Vimble 2 because this gimbal is equipped with an extremely strong clamp. Therefore your phone won’t fall out in many cases. Besides, the ability of extendable charging is another impressive feature. In conclusion, Feiyu Vimble 2 is a good option to save money. I recommend it for those who don’t use the gimbals frequently.

Feiyu Vimble 2 – 3-Axis Handheld Smartphone Gimbal


  • Extension Freely for Fantastic Filming
  • 6 Hours Maximum Running Time
  • Face Tracking
  • Object Tracking
  • One Key Photo
  • Various Time-lapse Photography

Manufacturer Accessories

  • 1 x Stabilized Handheld Gimbal
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Anti-lost Rope
  • One FY Universal Small Tripod
  • 1 x Portable Bag  
  • One User Manual

Pros & Cons


  • Lots of features – I have been impressed by like the added features like the tracking objects.
  • Strong clamp – Your phone won’t fall out in any cases.
  • Nice little tripod – This gimbal has a stable tripod.


  • Application fault – Including many flaws and unobviously seeing something on the video.
  • Wasting much time to balance at first –It’s not easy to balance with the iPhone XS until you understand its features.

Hohem Gimbal iSteady Mobile 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer –Easy to Use And Get High-Quality Videos

In my point of view, Hohem Gimbal iSteady Mobile is a reasonable-price product with a large number of benefits. You can freely access many great features such as Lapse, Motion Lapse, or maybe Track Lapse since this gimbal has supported various types of advanced photography techniques. Besides, I’m sure that tracking objects and faces will be the feature which attracts almost all customers’ attention. It gets a good battery capacity (about 12 hours maximum for using) and wastes little time for charging as well. Coupled with many benefits above, Bluetooth connectivity is also available for this gimbal.

This must be helpful for combine with Hohem Studio App to share videos on social networks. Hohem Gimbal iSteady Mobile is a niche choice not only for those who are recording videos for social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube but also for the need of recording athletic activities. All things considered, have demonstrated this gimbal is great for the price and shooting both inside and outside. Why we miss a wonderful item while we receive more than the sum of money we have to pay? But yet, I wouldn’t encourage people who do social media videography. These activities should need more professional gimbal!


  • Brand: Hohem
  • Mode: iSteady Mobile
  • Support Models: IPhone X, IPhone XS MAX and other models
  • Tracking faces and objects
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4000mAH Build-in Battery
  • 12 hours maximum for using
  • Bidirectionally charging

Manufacturer Accessories

  • One USB Cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • One Mini Tripod
  • 1 x Handbag

Pros & Cons


  • Bidirectionally charging – which helps me save much time in charging.
  • Work well for both inside and outside activities – its features allow you to shoot easily and effectively.
  • Smooth and high-quality videos


  • Unavailable for profession use
  • Have some problem with the firmware app, especially in video apps

Steadicam Volt – Another Great Option

But frankly speaking, this gimbal should be considered if you wanna well implement for your own collection of videography equipment. Of course, it cannot completely replace for a profession one. However, from the perspective of a person who loves traveling and videography, I realized that Steadicam Volt offered me tremendous support. Last year, I had a chance to experience it when going on tour to Fuji mountain with my friend. When she shows me the videos which had already shot, I was so amazed because almost all motion was well stabilized through this gimbal didn’t support time-lapse or similar things. Though, it takes much time to set up at first. As it has been designed to connect with a large number of smart devices, you need to set up counterweight yourself.

You will get a hopeful tool once you finish this work. Besides, positioning the wheels is necessary to get smooth and high-quality footages. The most wonderful feature Steadicam Volt offer user is the fluid motion. There is no denying that this gives us more and more impressive videos. Running time of the battery and designation with carbon fiber is worth noting. This gimbal has a maximum running time longer than another expensive one. Personally, I love carbon fiber since it not only gives me a superior feeling when having a look at it but also decreases its weight a lot. If you’re familiar with a metal cage, may you feel carbon fiber strange?

Even so, either a metal cage or carbon fiber works well for stabilizing our footages. In addition to all benefits considered, there are some drawbacks on application such as: lacking the variety on features or so imperfect the connective app. With all beneficial features like long running time, carbon fiber in designation and good stabilizer, Steadicam Volt is a perfect product for those who are finding a simple and durable gimbal for iPhone XS or XS Max.


  • Compatible with the Tiffen Imagemaker iOS & Android
  • Haptic control
  • Light designation in folding

Manufacturer Accessories

  • 1X Steadicam Volt Electronic Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
  • 1X Mount for Smartphones

Pros & Cons


  • Long battery running time
  • Carbon fiber helps this gimbal become lighter and have a more superior look
  • Well stabilizing the motion


  • Lack of the variety on features
  • Connective app is not perfect for users

EVO Shift 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal – Smart App Controls for Auto Panoramas for iPhone & Android Smartphones

Apart from DJI Osmo Mobile 2, this gimbal is the runner-up pick I want to suggest for you. With zoom and record controls which permit you to combine it with your phone, it may meet most of your needs. You can freedom of adjusting the capturing angels to make the most beautiful footages in any case. This gimbal also offers you advanced stabilization technology to be able to move freely while shooting.

You may easily track objects and take time-lapse footage as well. With up to 10 hours of battery life and smart built-in charging, you can record videos without worrying about the battery. Especially, the impressive threaded handle permits you to attach your Shift to many kinds of tripods easily. In addition, EVO Shift 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal is designed with the ability to live stream and set the time-lapse variously.

Though, you may get some trouble at first to learn how to use it. In conclusion, with the capability of using extra features, add ons, and many user bonuses, this gimbal is extremely an awesome product for either freelance videography to get high-end style gimbal with smartphones or the professionals to do the time-lapse shooting.

EVO Shift 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal


  • Unlimited 360 Pan Shooting
  • Up To 10 Hours Of Battery Life
  • Work well for almost all iOS smartphones
  • Control Camera Zoom & Record from Handle
  • Bi-Directional Mount
  • Built-in Smartphone Charging
  • Objects Tracking
  • Equipped with GoPro Action Cameras & 360 Cameras

Manufacturer Accessories

  • One EVO Shift Stabilizer
  • 1X Micro USB Cable (for Charger & Software Update)
  • One Storage Case
  • 1X User Manual + War. Information (1 Year USA Parts & Labor)

Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly designed
  • Impressive battery life (up to 10 hours)
  • Advanced stabilization technology


  • Not easy to use at first – Customer may waste much time on learning how to use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gimbals for iPhones

Well, I have already shown you the list of the gimbals I like most and highly recommend. Each of them has own advantages and drawbacks. I hope my reviews will give you some great options which meet all your requirements. Let’s make an exact decision! In addition to the best products, their Pros & Cons and Specifications, some frequently asked questions about gimbals for iPhone have attracted a lot of users’ attention, too. Now I will give you the answers to them.

It’s worth noting that you should have a specific thought about each of Apple products. It’s mean that almost all Apple products are suitable with a variety of application but not always multi-platform compatible. Fortunately, there are many kinds of gimbals are suitable for multi-platform compatible and others were designed to be able to work well with Apple and iOS operating system products.

Below are some common questions I was asked about iPhone gimbals.

Which kinds of gimbal include the mic input?  

There are a few choices for you to be able to mount the external mic to your smartphones gimbals setting. For almost all parts, if you want to have a great audio recording, an individual attachment which permits you to record the lively and smooth sounds when shooting footages is extremely necessary.

For those who need a high- quality mic, a simple external one may be the best choice. However, this depends much on the type of each smartphone’s input jack. As far as I know, your mic is an important factor which decides the battery running time.

Your types of the mic will determine the kind of adaptor would suitable for your iPhone may be the adaptor or mic adaptor kit. Remember that adaptor is essential because not all of the mic can directly amount to your gimbal though they are high- quality mic or not.

HolaFoto is a worth considering product. For me, it is the most suitable one because of its fair price and some advantageous features. Especially, I can be able to attach the mic to my gimbal while charging my smartphone.

According to the experts’ encouragement, users DOES get an individual clip-on mic for audio to mount the gimbal. And yet, this can result in an unexpected weight for your own setting, which is a huge problem as high-quality videos need stability. Therefore, you should find out the more and more necessary information about mounting mics to your smartphone settings. You may try out different types of adaptors. Many users have tried and felt it useful.

Last but not least, the way you record the audio with the gimbal and your iPhone connection completely depend on your interests and sonic demands. You should choose the most suitable one to get own expected videos.

Which kinds of gimbal support a led light for shooting videos?

Almost all users concern about the quality of light. Getting a better light for shooting seems to be the problem of many previous gimbals because of the shortage of the led-light.

Knowing that a large number of companies have improved their products with a lighting attachment kit to meet the customers’ requirements and attract more users’ attention. Besides, there are many products which include an available kit, so you can freely adjust the suitable light for the higher quality footages.

Nevertheless, if you need the more professional kit, should you overlook the Move Smartphone Video Kit V1. I suggest this kit because of it a completely awesome option for iPhone. Not only is it available for SX and SX Max but also for Android operating systems like the Samsung Galaxy or the Note. In general, this kit is a popular one for most of the smartphones. Don’t forget to adjust the windscreen before using because it can have a detrimental influence on the light. Despite this, it’s always the best choice among the same price products if you are caring much about the light.

Is the stabilizer helpful for photography of the iPhone?

I have received many customers’ questions about this problem. And I definitely confirm with you that I can’t agree with the stabilizer’s advantage more. The producers will never do something pointless like making a useless application. There is no doubt that stabilizer will help you take the photos easier as well as raise the quality of the picture, especially for those who own iPhones.

 Users who make a lot of photography on the iPhone tend to use with the tripod stabilizer. This is only helpful for the motion, but not good the still shots.

Thus, if you are concentrating on photography, Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Focus Pull & Zoom is worth considering. As I have said, made of nice and solid material and offer a fair price, this gimbal may be the most suitable option for you. Moreover, going with a stable and flexible tripod, it works great for iPhone XS and XS Max as well as other types of smartphones. You may also refer to many other gimbals to discover the best one for you.

Which highly-recommended video apps for iPhone videography?

I am sure that each of the gimbal companies produces the applications going with their products. Absolutely, these applications were recommended for you when purchasing the gimbal. This is a common way for almost all companies to make the profit. Even so, Not of all these products is the ideal one for users.

Viewed from the perspective of a freelance photographer, I highly recommend some applications of the Adobe Creative Suite. Now I will give you the list of some editing videos app which I like using for iPhone. Most of them were the products of Apple. This does not mean that almost all Apple products are good for customers. I can easily list a large number of Apple products’ limitations, especially about the IPhone app. And I believe that almost all iPhone’s users have realized those limitations. For instance, having used XS Max for a time, I can access lots of user features though sometimes I get annoying limitations on the app. Here are some options for you to edit videos directly on your smartphones. Some of them can freely install, while others need a fee to purchase.

  • Adobe Premiere
  • InShot
  • Videoshop
  • iMovie
  • Videoshop
  • Splice
  • Cameo
  • Quik
  • Video Crop
  • Magistio

Personally, I prefer to edit videos on the PC than on the smartphones since all the PC were equipped with a huge RAM. This is the main reason I like using a PC for editing videos. Almost all my videos and files are large and after editing it becomes larger and larger. Therefore, using a PC is more convenient for editing and exporting videos. Another reason for using PC is the smartphone can easily get the fault on an application if it is frequently used for exporting large videos and files. However, there is no denying that the phone is essential for editing small videos because it takes less time than the PC.

What is mentioning when purchasing an editing app is that you should make sure that you have to pay for it only one – time. In some cases, customers are tricked to buy a faulty product or they have to pay for the app many times. Remember to read the policy of the producers carefully before purchasing and keep away from the monthly – fee paid apps, which waste much money. Some apps also offer you a trial, so you can try it before making a decision.

My last encouragement for you is trying to afford a bit dear app but give you the productiveness. Don’t buy the economical products or use the free version because these are wasting a lot of your valuable time. I have experienced and I know how productive they are. I had tried to use an online app to edit a video at first. It wasted 3 hours to finish. And yet, when trying to export my video, I had been noticed that I can’t export this file except for purchasing this app. What a crazy thing! Up to now, I couldn’t remember the way I kept calm at that time.

After that, I still tried out a free app. At this time, I could easily export my video after having finished. However, the result didn’t meet my expectation. The quality is low, everything in my videos cannot obviously see. It was worse than I had done the editing. After having wasted much time, I realized that all the free things are useless I decided to purchase an app. I felt this extremely worth for the sum of money I had to pay and I can experience all the features which I really need for editing videos.

Therefore, you shouldn’t miss the favorite app because of the free or economical versions. Let’s purchase the app you extremely like, I believe it will meet all your demands. For me, Adobe Premiere is the best choice for smooth and high-end videos. Maybe this app is useful for you.

Finally, I hope all my reviews about gimbals can give you a useful suggestion for finding out the best one for your iPhone XS or XS Max. Besides, your disturbance about the gimbal must be solved by all my answers of the commonly asked questions. Thanks for reading!