Tips for Maintenance of Refrigerator

Is your refrigerator causing problems? Is it running efficiently? Everyone faces refrigerator problems in their life. Over time refrigerators tend to lose its functionality, it is something that you cannot control. But what you can do is make sure it lasts long. With some basic tips, you can get the best performance and avoid breakdowns.

Nowadays, refrigerators are considered as a basic necessity. It is among the most important and commonly used appliances of your house. So it is vital to ensure that your refrigerator is functioning properly. With the frequent cleaning and maintenance, the refrigerator will last longer. Apart from this, the cost of repairs will be reduced and you can prevent the food from spoiling.  

It is imperative to keep the right temperature for the refrigerator. The right temperature for a fridge is between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit whereas for the freezer it is 0 degrees. Being the most used alliance in the house, a proper running refrigerator is beneficial for you. You can save time and money on the energy bills and on repairing cost as well.

Let’s take a look at the maintenance tips of refrigerators.

Steps for Refrigerator Maintenance

With the help of cleaning and maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of the fridge. Along with this, the efficiency of the refrigerator is improved. When do you decide to clean the refrigerator, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you need to take out all the food? Where to begin?  How to clean the refrigerator? By following these simple tips, you can prevent the refrigerator breakdowns and reduce the call to service centers. 

Things you will need for cleaning:

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning rag

Follow these simple steps to clean your fridge.

Clean the Condenser Coil

One of the reasons the refrigerator does not work properly is the dirty condenser coil. This leads to increased energy bills and reduced life expectancy. Are you wondering how to clean the coils? It’s easy, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust after 3 months. You can also use a broom for dust removal.

Moreover, the coils of the refrigerator will be either behind or underneath the refrigerator. This depends on the model of the refrigerator. How will you access the coil that is underneath the refrigerator? Simply, remove the grill that is at the bottom of the refrigerator. In case the coil is behind the refrigerator, pull the fridge away from the wall.

Drain Hole and Drip Pan

To remove the condensation, refrigerators depends on the drip pan and drain hole. So the proper functioning of the drain hole and the drip pan is necessary. What you must do is remove food particles from the drain hole. You must follow the instructions given in the owner’s manual. To clean drip pan, you can scrub it out.


Do you know what the function of gaskets is? Gaskets are designed to keep the cool air inside and keep the warm air out. It is vital that the seal should be strong. What you must do is check if there is any damage. Another way to test the seal is by placing a dollar bill in the door. Then see if you can pull it out. If there is any problem, replace the gasket.

Moreover, you can clean the gasket with some supplies. You will need all-purpose cleaner and a cloth. First, clean the gasket with all-purpose cleaner and dry it with a cloth. In order to prevent mildew from growing, clean the gaskets with vinegar.

Water Filter

Does your fridge have a water dispenser? Most of the new refrigerators feature water dispenser and ice maker. The main purpose is to provide you clean and fresh water. But if the filters are dirty then you will not have clean water to drink. Therefore, it is important to change the water filter after every 6 months.


Another important tip is to check the level of your refrigerator. If your refrigerator is not level, the doors will not close on its own. As a result of this, more energy will be used that will lead to higher bills. Most of the people may not know this but you can use carpenter’s level to check the fridge level.

Interior Cleaning

The refrigerator maintenance includes the cleaning of the interior of the fridge. The cleaning is very easy and simple. You must wash the inside of the fridge with soapy, warm water and a sponge. This will help in removing the spills and crumb from the shelves.

Furthermore, in the same way, you can clean the fridge door and handles. An open box of baking soda is useful in absorbing the bad smell from the fridge.

Get Rid of the Smell

Do you have a bad smell in your refrigerator? Whenever you open your fridge you feel like something died in theirs? If you do not keep the refrigerator clean, bacteria will grow and cause a bad smell. Don’t worry, here are some simple ways to get rid of the disgusting smell.

  • You can use charcoal briquettes, it will absorb all the bad smell.
  • Another way to clean the bad smell is with the help of newspaper. You must be shocked, newspaper? Yes, newspaper ink can absorb the odor easily.
  • One of the oldest and easiest ways is to leaving a box of baking soda open in the refrigerator. For continuous deodorizing, replace the box after 3 months.

Utilize the Space

How many of you think lesser food in the fridge makes it more efficient? Most of us think it was true. The truth is your refrigerator will operate more efficiently when you store more drinks and food. After cooling down the items in your fridge will help absorb any warm air inside the fridge. The warm air the flows freely in the fridge is the reason for increasing the temperature.

Avoid Keeping Warm Food

It is an important tip to keep in mind. Before placing the leftover food in the fridge, you must let it cool down at room temperature. As a result, it will decrease the amount of warm air inside and will not put a load on the compressor.

Keeping the Door Closed

When you open the fridge door, the cold air escapes and warm air gets in. This is something that you can’t control. But what you can control is the duration for which you open the fridge door. The compressor starts to work gain as the warm air needs to be cool down.

Be Prepared

In case the power is out, you must keep the doors closed. If the fridge remains unopened it will keep the food safe for 4 hours. While the freezer will easily maintain the temperature for 48 hours if it is full. If the freezer is half full, it will maintain the temperature for approximately 24 hours only.

Having Problem with the Refrigerator

With the passage of time, the tear and wear of the refrigerator can cause it to malfunction. Even if you take very good care of the refrigerator. There are many issues that can be resolved without mechanical help. When people face any problem they call refrigerator repair company service centers.  Often the solutions to these problems are very easy and do not require a toolbox. Checking a few things before picking up the phone might great. It will save your time, money and you won’t have to be embarrassed.

Check Power

The first thing you must do is check is the power. You can check the circuit breaker to ensure the power is coming to the outlet. If there is no problem with the power then you must check the cord, whether it is plugged in tight or not.


If you have power and the refrigerator has poor cooling. What will you do? In such case, you must check the thermostat is set right. If there is no problem with the temperature, you must contact professional repair company.

Food is Warm

What if your fridge is running but the food is warm? You must follow these steps.

  • You must check the condenser fan. If the condenser fan is jammed the, you must clean the fan. Remove any obstacle that is causing the jam. In case the refrigerator still does not function properly, you must consider replacing it.
  • Another thing you must check is the light. The light must be turned off when the door is closed. If the bulb is not turning off, it can result in increased temperature in the fridge. You can loosen the bulb until the switch is fixed.
  • If there is ice buildup on the inside of the wall or floor of the freezer. How can you fix it? You can manually defrost the ice by unplugging the fridge. However, this is not a permanent solution, so it is better to call for repair service.

Therefore, with the help of these simple steps, your refrigerator can function in tip top condition. If you have any refrigerator maintenance tip you would like share, please leave a comment.