Ranking the 10 best selfie light cases reviews in 2020

A modern and trendy item today is the selfie light case. There are many products in the market and each person can have plenty of suitable cases, but to have a more reasonable choice is not simple because there are many products that have not been proven quality; This article unifies the top 10 best products in 2020 to help secure and support your choices in the most effective way.

We have already listed the top 10 products of selfie light cases that may bring you the best quality below.

1. LuMee Duo Phone Case

If you need to adjust the light several times when there is no natural light that annoys you, the LuMee Duo Phone Case is a great solution for this problem. Ranked in the first place, LuMee Duo Phone Case has a glossy black matte case that will help you feel more confident with its luxurious appearance.

With this great product in hand, we are sure that you will get luxurious photos anywhere. To avoid damaging the corners of the device, the product is supported by a soft rubber. This case is compatible with iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 8.

2. Vanjunn Selfie LED Light Case

Everyone wants to own the perfect photos at the crucial moment, so Let’s look at the second place in the ranking list – Vanjunn Selfie LED Light Box. The product is designed suitable for many iPhone series.

It has soft rubber, so it is suitable to protect the phone’s edge. This package of the illuminated iPhone case comes with a charging cord.

3. Spruce Selfie LED Light Case

 Photography at night will not be a concern when you come to this 3rd option, which is the Spruce Selfie LED Light case. The LED will light up in this case; furthermore, you can adjust the light as you like. The product is easy to use and suits everyone’s needs.

Make one click, you will own the good flashlight. You can disassemble it back when not in use without affecting the phone. In particular, this item has a lifetime warranty.

4. Spruce selfie Light Case Led

The fourth-place products we would like to recommend with great quality when you make a night selfie light cases is the Spruce & Co LED Light Case. It specializes in bringing great light to social media photos. The outer part is well manufactured with high-quality cover to ensure high quality and longer survival.

This product is friendly and easy to use whenever you need it and furthermore, You can disassemble it back after using it. Especially, the key feature of the product is a lifetime warranty.

5. LNtech rechargeable LED light

Ranked in fifth place, the iPhone 7Plus / 8Plus Phone Case by LNtech is brought to you. iPhone case is pre-installed with LED light that has great lighting capability. The product has 2 different modes: Brightness and Flashlight. Especially it is very good when shooting at night

You can enjoy up to 60 minutes after charging enough with the charger cord included. Apart from the above features, this product has a very durable plastic case so you won’t have to worry even if you accidentally dropped it.

6. Vanjunn Selfie Led Light Case

One product with the best protection and features is Van Light Selfie Led Light Case. It is perfect for adding photographic brightness with the Attachment of the LED light. You can select 3 modes under different conditions: normal, fast and slow trokes; And you can also adjust its darkness and brightness.

 This LED phone case is creatively designed in Size and shape for Samsung S8. Finally, the product is great with the USB charging cord provided in the package.

7. COSLIGHT LED Light Up Selfie Phone Case

Next, this COSLIGHT LED Light Up Selfie Case with this sleek rose gold case is made for iPhone 6. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, and in particular, it can save the best energy.

8. Wellerly iPhone XS Case

A lovely product for your great smartphone should not be missed iPhone XS Cass. Beyond serving as a normal protective case, it is great for your selfie time. The light can shine when needed because LEDs are attached to this selfie light cases.

The case is rechargeable with a full charge, so you can enjoy up to 6 hours. This product can be used easily for everyone. You will easily control it with just one click. Last but not least, this package comes with a charger.

9. Spruce Selfie LED Light Case

A product worth buying for selfie lovers is the Spruce Selfie LED Light Case. Astonishingly this iPhone Case can glow at night to make sure your selfie time better. And moreover, it has higher results with enough light, you will really look beautiful and young.

10. FULLOPTO Galaxy S9 Plus

 Next, we introduce this awesome LED light phone case from FULLOPTO. Night lighting support is an internal feature of this case. This case is designed for Samsung S9. Moreover, you can take selfies comfortably day and night without worrying about image quality. Integrated LED light, in this case, up to 20 units.

It is warranted for 3 months. its operation is very easy because you can completely adjust the brightness and choose the flash mode with just one click. Its outer part is manufactured entirely from high-quality material for perfect machine protection. Remember the product is suitable for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus.


In general, We have just looked into the outstanding features of many cell phone cases with the light of 2020. Therefore, you can have a good view of them and now it is your time to make the decision on getting the best product that suits your needs and phone. Please remember that these items can be sold out fastly, So be quick to own the best one.

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