Must read before buying Refrigerator

For the purchase of a refrigerator, like other large household appliances. It is not easy to navigate in the middle of the wide selection of product that’s for many years, the market offers to us. For those who do not have clear ideas in this regard and has the need to buy a new refrigerator. I have prepared a small guide with some practical tips that could make easier to choose and purchase a new refrigerator.

One of the things we need to have clear in mind before proceeding with the purchase of a refrigerator is to know what are our needs so that we can focus our attention on a very specific type of refrigerator.

Here are some tips on how to choose energy efficient refrigerators

The Cooling Systems

This is really important to allow you to choose the best energy efficient refrigerators classic static cooling is the traditional cooling system which consists in cooling the inner wall of the refrigerator through a special gas which is pushed from the compressor in the refrigerant circuit. This mechanism cools down the inside of the refrigerator through the inner wall which normally is covered with a thin layer of ice.

When the refrigerator reaches the required temperature, the compressor stops and the ice formed in the wall melts. The water, through a proper hole (which must be periodically checked and cleaned if it is the case), is deposited in a mail tray above the compressor that with its heat causes it to evaporate.

This “cycle” is repeated continuously, so it is absolutely normal to see the ice on the inside wall of the refrigerator.

Cooling ventilated: this cooling system is identical to the static with the only difference that inside the refrigerator a fan that is placed with its movement helps make the temperature more uniform.

Cooling No-Frost: this cooling technology differs from the previous in that the cold is produced by circulating in a forced manner the cold air inside the refrigerator by means of special ducts.

Refrigerator types

Refrigerator single door: as the name implies, they have a single port, are on the market with a small freezer compartment inside them or not.

When the single port is equipped with a refrigerator must be careful because this is not a real freezer. Normally has a “star” or to the maximum “two stars”, and then goes only good for the production of ice and to preserve food to the maximum for a couple of days.

Who buys this type of fridge normally has a freezer in part, or of no use.

Double door fridge: the double door was more widespread until about ten years ago in the kitchens of the Italians, has a capacity of about 240 liters and is structured with two doors, one smaller at the top to the freezer and a larger one in the underlying part for the refrigerator.

Fridge-freezer: these refrigerators, as the word itself suggests, combine a refrigerator to a “four-star” freezer can reach a temperature of -18 ° ideal for storing long-term food.

Refrigerators and Consumption

Until a few years ago it was still possible to find on the market refrigerators from the consumption a bit ‘high. Today things have changed quickly and refrigerators are all class A, A + and A ++. And in this way you can read the class of the refrigerator and choose the best refrigerator.

I hope that you can use this little guide to choosing the best energy efficient refrigerators. Check our article Tips for Maintenance of Refrigerator.