Moza Air 2: The Best Value Gimbal for Videographer

The Moza Air 2 gimbal is a three-axis stabilizer. It is built for both DSLR and mirrorless, therefore, it seems popular as soon as the first time comes out in great performance.

Its payload is up to 4.2 kg and its battery can supply enough power for 16 hours with a single charge. Actually, it is a heavy rig. It’s not good to take smooth handheld footage in a long time.

It is also compatible with a series of the camera from many brands such as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Leica, Panasonic, Sony or Blackmagic.

Steps of booting the gimbal

1st step: Attach the plate to camera then mount it on this gimbal.

2nd step: Access camera to this gimbal by using one of the available cables from an external accessory.

3rd step: Getting balance the camera in trip directions.

4th step: Finishing setting. Take a video as trial .

Moza Air 2 The Best Value Gimbal for Videographer

Outstanding features

Build quality

Design is highly-complicated from strongly well-made buttons, dials, and latches on a rig to the solid and robust handheld. You feel satisfactory about the quality product

Follow modes helps you to capture smooth video, even if you are moving different terrain or getting a range of objects. Although functional it is, you only press the joystick to change other modes easily

It has a collection of focus options. You completely can access and adjust these movements by hand

Professional design

Understanding of the customer demand, you don’t need to do assembly any body parts for the first using. There are some external accessories like inch screws, mount or riser plates. Your mission is to adjust the connection between parts to get balance slides on and off

Another smart design is a hard lock on the roll motor. By this feature, you are comfortable to set the gimbal upright on tripod mount without damages or loss

The handle is made from a rubbery grip. This gimbal seems enough small to hold and grip all the way. In general, Moza Air 2 can change the limitation from the first Moza

The OLED screen is perfect for shooting indoor. But you feel hard to see in the outside by the direct sunshine


The weakness of Moza Air 2 is the heavy payload. But special features make it more useful. It has a total of 8 modes with Lock and Follows as main basic

The trigger button is the most useful because it can combine multi-functions. You can change any modes fast based on this button. It has main 2 functions: finding the camera’s orientation and moving space around into selfie mode flexibly. All has to be done fluently by the handhold of Moza Air 2.

Even you get it, the axes return to current Lock or Follow mode. In addition, Sports Gear Mode and Inception Mode are possible to take footage for some specific cases. When you keep this e gimbal as if a flashlight and the camera rolls 360 degrees to capture in the night

The lifespan of the battery is a reason for the best gimbal. Along using time with the only charge helps you more benefits. You also use a USB cable for the built-in battery

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