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In high-technology society, more and more people use smartphone or professional camera for shooting pictures. Sometimes I consider why they can capture amazing photos with sophisticated angles or shooting modes like Time-lapse and Panorama. Further, they also can shoot the pictures without shaky, jerky movements which makes it more dynamic and smooth.

Another story, have you ever tried to take a professional video with your smartphone or only to have it ruined by shaky footage? That you’re capturing footage seems as if your baby’s first steps, but if you’re trying to produce a viral film and you want your videos to look the best. How is the way? Until later, I have found the best answer to my contemplation. It’s effective from Gimbals.

Gimbals are also used to mount everything from small camera lenses to large photographic telescopes. Further, they also are used in stabilization systems designed to give the camera in the independence of handheld shooting without vibration or shake, which make perfect pictures as I have ever seen. Gimbals do more than just keep your camera steady. They have been designed by some features that raise your game, even included in both utility software and Bluetooth that easily connect to your mobile app. After a long time for searching information about kinds of gimbals for smartphone, functions, and configuration on tips review online or videos on youtube, I have finally decided to invest on a gimbal so that I want to capture all wonderful picture where I have ever traveled. It is incredible that it helps me to discover the beautiful world out of my imagination.

In the first time, I have touched it, it is not as easy as it looks

In the first time, I have touched it, it is not as easy as it looks. However, I was ready to spend my shoot minutes on operating it because the fact is very different from the theory. You should carefully read the instruction for setting in order to achieve uniformity of footage.  Depending on each type of gimbals, there are functions and modes respectively. For my gimbal, it takes a long time to set up a multiple-functional wireless thumb controller because it integrated with a clear OLED display which shows clearly the configuration. Its function is such as pre-settings for different cameras and lenses, remotely adjusting the camera focus or controlling the movement of stabilizers. It’s so lucky that finally, I can take the nice picture by myself with the precise shooting. Then I also discover taking video by adjusting modes and setting. It is an exciting feeling which it is very difficult to describe word by word. It seems to be worth the price for my efforts

Improved from my experience, when you choose a gimbal for a smartphone, you also consider factors as Axis stabilization, batteries, weight, software, compatibility or quality so that you can own the good gimbal as your requirement because there are so many kinds of stabilizers with other modes and different price level on the market

Let’s discover and sure that you will be very interested in the wonderful world through nice pictures from Gimbals. Enjoy it right now. Image from Expert Photography.

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