Hohem iSteady Pro GoPro Gimbal Review

The previous few years have seen a dramatic increase within the range of the latest GoPro gismo commencing. At the same time, a lot of and cheaper choices are coming into the market. What won’t be thought of as an adjunct reserved for enthusiasts, 3-axis motorized gismo is currently offered for the common GoPro user. The Hohem iSteady Pro is precisely that, and with a worth purpose below $100. It’ll little question tempt a number of a lot of casual video shooters out there. With that in mind, let’s take a glance at whether or not this reasonable GoPro accent is value your cash.

First Impressions

Right out of the box you’ll tell this is often marketed towards the additional casual user. Its packaging is far smaller and lighter than the high finish widget several gimbal homeowners are aware of. A nice carry case as hostile an easy carry pouch is liberally enclosed. Within you’ll notice all the bundled accessories that embrace a small USB charging cable and extremely little stand. When I initial got my hands on the gimbal, I couldn’t facilitate however feel the build quality was a notch below dearer widget. Several high finish widget even have a plastic base construction, however, the Hohem iSteady professional felt lighter and additional plasticky.

Nevertheless, it’d be rather naive to expect a sub-$100 gimbal to feel even as well designed as a gimbal that prices double the maximum amount. Moving on, the GoPro/action camera attachment clip. Not like a high finish widget that features detachable clips, the iSteady professional makes do with a hard and fast clip. As a result, there’s no probability of victimization it along with your smartphone.

Hold on

For custom attachments, the iSteady professional options to quarter-inch rib holes for accessories just like the enclosed stand. One is on the facet of the grip and therefore the difference is at the bottom of the gimbal. The Hohem iSteady professional options a complete of three USB ports. The quality USB port is to create the gimbal perform as a power bank and permit you to charge no matter the device you would possibly have. The small USB port on the facet of the grip is for charging the gimbal itself. Meanwhile, at the top of the gimbal maybe a mini USB port that was presumptively designed to directly connect with the mounted device. I’m in person who found the positioning of the mini USB port on the top to be too inconvenient for charging my GoPro HERO7 and HERO5.


The Hohem iSteady professional is compatible with the GoPro 3/3+/4/5/6/7 and equally sized non-GoPro action cameras. Note that the method you attach your GoPro can rely upon its model. With the GoPro five and on top of you’ll mount it with the lens beside the motor, and the other way around with any of the older GoPros.

Controlling the Hohem iSteady Pro

For a budget gimbal, the Hohem iSteady pro packs during a nice variety of controls and shooting modes. LED indicators can tell you which of the mode you’re in and whether or not you’re connected to your smartphone via BlueTooth. The iSteady professional has many buttons that are used for its management. Associate in Nursing on and off button and mode toggle button each easy buttons that don’t want more clarification.

Within the center may be a button to trigger fast lock, and to the left facet may be a button that may be allotted a custom mapping via the app. Besides them, the gimbal options a joystick that permits you to manage the pan and tilt of your camera. A pleasant issue concerning the iSteady professional is that it’s a 360-degree vary of motion within the pan axis. That’s higher than some contraption which might solely pan ninety degrees left or right.

Shooting Modes

By default, the iSteady pro can activate in pan following mode. This means it tilts up and right down to keep the shot level, however, it permits you to pan left and right freely. Since it’s a 3-axis gimbal, it’ll conjointly correct within the roll axis (that’s once your camera tilts, or rolls, left or right). It’s price noting that not like some contrivance that doesn’t create it clear what shooting mode you’re in, this gimbal uses a flashing indicator to point its current shooting mode. The second mode is that the pan and tilt following mode. This primarily suggests that it’ll lock the roll axis and negate any roll, however, enable (smooth) movements within the tilt and pan axes.

The third shooting mode is that the all secured mode. All 3 axes are secured, which means the gimbal can do its best to stay the GoPro’s orientation secured. This is often helpful once the topic recording the video remains, however, the setting is unsteady – e.g. during an automotive or on a ship. Lastly, we’ve got the following mode. This primarily suggests that the gimbal can follow movements all told axes, however, sleek those movements out. I’m in-person notice myself exploitation this mode least as I’m seldom in things wherever I need to roll my camera left or right. But it’s nice to own this shooting mode as AN choice nonetheless.

Hohem Gimset App

The Hohem Gimlet is AN iOS/Android app that enables you to attach your iSteady professional to your phone. The subsequent things will be done via the app:

  • Update computer code, digital user manual
  • Gimbal standardization
  • Remotely management your gimbal (e.g. amendment shooting mode, pan left and right)
  • Piece settings (e.g. motor speed, joystick sensitivity)

A nice feature is that the settings will be saved underneath varied profiles. Therefore, you’ll probably have one setup that features an in no time follow speed and one that features a lot of slower one. For example, if you’re picture-taking downhill biking you’ll use a profile wherever they follow speed is quick to emphasize the intensity nature mountain biking. Meanwhile, you’ll use a slow follow speed profile to film a soothing walking tour through a town.

Overall, I extremely rate the Hohem Gimset app. It isn’t good however it’s undoubtedly one among the higher manufacturer-provided apps.

Stabilization Quality

The stabilization quality of the Hohem iSteady professional was pleasantly stunning given my somewhat low expectations getting into. It was reminiscent of the likes of my Feiyu G5 that prices doubly the maximum amount.
I tried it with each of my GoPro HERO3+ and GoPro HERO6. Each made smart results, with the HERO6 being slightly higher because of its superior inbuilt image stabilization.
Another positive I took removed from exploitation the iSteady professional was the comparatively quiet brushless motors. Being a smaller gimbal, the smaller motors themselves manufacture less noise.


The Hohem iSteady pro is going to be a colossal improvement over any gimbal-less setup and isn’t missing any options that costlier contrivance may need. For underneath $100 you’d be arduous ironed to search out a much better different.

The only factor holding it back is its comparatively low-cost build quality. Whereas mine hasn’t had any issues and on-line reviews are irresistibly positive. I wouldn’t feel comfy doing something too brave with this gimbal.
Overall the Hohem iSteady professional offers fantastic price for cash and offers real 3-axis motorized gimbal stabilization to the plenty. Simply certify you handle it with some care.

Rating: 4/5

The Hohem iSteady pro is presently our favorite budget gimbal in our GoPro contrivance shopping for guide.

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