Eight the best tips to use GoPro cameras for beginners

With more and more advanced technology, GoPro– an action camera makes it easy to return vivid videos or take simple still photos at the fingertips of almost everyone. This is the main reason why the GoPro brand has become a phenomenon- a vital package of travelers.

However using GoPro is not simple, especially for new users.  GoPro is arguably to digital video cameras heavily connected with extreme sports and adventurous activities. Furthermore, GoPro cameras can be used in plenty of ways. Therefore it requires the user to understand some technique.

If you want to take advantage of all functions of GoPro, following 8 THE BEST TIPS TO USE GOPRO fluently and effectively, especially for beginners.


When you buy a new GoPro, maybe it will be defaulted setting with basic functions. It is unlucky that the default configuration might not be what you are looking for. Therefore you have to take time for setting up again. It is better that you should read instruction or some reviewer about GoPro on newspaper or youtube. Once you feel satisfied with your camera, you can start making lasting changes to give better filming with a smooth shooting.

The first step, you should change the video resolution with a new GoPro

In theory, the higher the resolution, the more storage and battery life you are consuming. This means that capturing footage with high-resolution will run down your battery and fill your SD card faster than using a lower resolution. I recommend capturing video in 1080P because it is the basic standard for video resolution. With 1080P, your footage seems smooth and great on most devices.

If you want to increase resolution for a specific reason, you can capture footage in 2.7K or 4K. But it will badly affect your devices.

Unlike video, photos you can be set the resolution the same or even up to the maximum. Because they don’t take up as much space as a video. You will not worry about running out of storage.


As a configuration of the resolution, the higher FPS, the more storage and battery life you are using. There are 3 options for video footage like 24, 30 and 60.

From my point of view, I recommend that you should use in 24 FPS or higher 30. You will save relative storage and keep a long journey.


One of the best outstanding modes from newer GoPro cameras is changing the field of view from wide-angle to linear. Linear mode helps you to capture better-looking footages.

It is common sense that while you are using linear mode, you are not allowed to capture with the wide-angle mode. Depending on your position and kind of picture, you should adjust FOV respectively. For example, with the high-action activities such as skiing and water sports, you can use the wide-angle function. For travel videos and up-close footage, using the linear is better.



With your good setting in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd tips, are you ready to capture some first photos? Anything you see, anytime you are in and anywhere you want to capture the wonderful moment, you can use GoPro cameras. You don’t have to use it only for professional activities. It is meant to accompany with it when you are traveling, exploring somewhere new, or just taking your friends for walking. Enjoy your life with GoPro so that you discover the mysterious beauty of the world.


One of the biggest weakness of GoPro, even new model is low battery life. To sure that your trip is not interruption by out of battery from GoPro, you should pick up some spare batteries. Having one or two extra batteries to use during the day also helps you to reduce the stress of low battery life. By this way, you can focus on capturing video or photo from GoPro without worrying about the battery.

Besides it, you can turn off any of the settings you don’t use such as wifi or high screen brightness. Although you don’t use it, it can run down your battery.

The best way to avoid running out of battery life of any GoPro cameras battery life is to carry extras, especially you are on traveling or far from your home. There are many kinds of spares come with their own chargers, therefore, it’s easier than to keep your longer battery. You should also carry a large external USB charger in your bag to charge things in the urgent case.



Of course, this brand will produce spares for specific purposes. So sure that you can deeply understand all functions and modes, you feel your GoPro cameras is wonderful with expenses.

The first, about spare battery and charger, you should buy it in case battery runs out of. It is really essential to continue smooth shootings in a long time.

The second, if you want to take some amazing selfies or capture photos around your life, you have to own a hand grip or selfie stick. It is very important.

The next, it is the suction-cup mount. It makes your GoPro attach on flat, smooth surfaces, which is amazing for shooting with time lapses.

Tripods help you to set up your camera in a fixed position for a long time. It is better to take the videos yourself for Vlogs or Youtube. You should test out different places to mount the camera to know which the best for taking smooth shots, correct angles or expected actions. Should remember that different mounts may create POVs relatively, which can help you tell the story in your way.

The last, you should equip chest mount or head strap for GoPro. Thanks for one, you can strap the photo yourself and not worry about moving. It can keep capturing footage while you are focusing on something new.


EVO GP-PRO Gimbal Stabilizer

Gimbal is a pivoted support with attractive price abundantly used both DSLR and mirrorless. It makes the creative shooting views for photographers. Gimbals are designed with some small electric motors to counteract the movement of the camera. It makes pictures smooth and crisp.

It’s gimbals or stabilizer, you can capture photos as a professional crew. It’s more effective when you take the video for films. Gimbals use motors to counteract movement, then produce incredibly perfect footage in any angle or position. For example, gimbal helps GoPro cameras to take a handheld shot to an epic downhill mountain on riding a bike. Gimbals are also found in many camera drones, like the GoPro Karm or Flycam. However, you have to consider carefully before a final decision, because the price of gimbal or stabilizer is not cheap. I believe that it deserves to invest budget because of the high quality for expectations.

How to choose the best gimbals following your requirements in a variety of gimbals market? In terms of different design, mode and price, you can find the most suitable gimbal yourself. Let’s make reference some reviewer to find the best gimbals.


After finish shooting the photos or video with GoPro, you have to use editing programs such as Final cut pro or Adobe premiere. They are popular with many videographers and Youtubers, therefore, they are on the top-rated video editing apps

Both final cut pro and Adobe premiere apps, they are designed with many effective editing. Therefore some new beginners can believe in discovering them. The video editing solution transforms raw point-of-view footage into professional shootings, which are easily shared with friends

The fact that, GoPro creates own editing app but in honesty, it is difficult to use. Further, it has limitation about function. So I advise you not to set up it

If you want to adjust the photo, you should use Lightroom. This software can extremely meet your demand for an effect. Thanks Lightroom, can you capture the best out of photos. Can you read instruction online to fluently use Lightroom. Even you are a new user, you can quickly edit your photos by PRESETS for more professional results.

Beside it, many smartphones come with their own built-in photo editing apps such as Instagram, Facebook. They will change your picture amazingly. Whether you want to adjust your photos on apps of computer or smartphone, you should do it as a habit. Then you will use it better and better. You also don’t need to focus on the edits. A few small changes can also create a drastic effect


GoPro cameras can offer a very wide angle of shooting so that makes it easy to capture your moving. However, to create extremely impressive videos, you should do more than only set up it and ignore it. Try to mix different camera positions to discover what’s going on in your specific way

Here is an easy way to remember about tips and tricks for beginners. To reach a good result, you have to pay for your money and efforts. I believe that the above tips can be useful for you when you consider to get on well with GoPro.

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