DJI Osmo Pocket Review

As soon as launching, DJI Osmo Pocket is considered as a great product. It combines both an action camera and a multi mechanical gimbal stabilizer. By improved design, it can make super results out of expectation of digital photography.

It allows you to take smooth video, even if you are walking, running, jumping or skiing. It is also perfect to stream live which is popular nowadays.  This is more notable with full 4K video for about 60 frames per second.

With DJI Osmo, you can bring it every where

List some specific features of DJI Osmo Pocket as the following instructions:

Incredibly design

As normal gimbal, DJI Osmo is a handheld gimbal for taking both videography and photography. It is set up for a smartphone and a camera. In addition, it is also known as a camera drone to meet high requirement of users.

By any stabilization from the producer, it can exactly adjust for your movements to make a great photo. Thanks to DJI Osmo, your creativity is unlimited,

It is designed with mechanical three-axis, 12MP camera around a sensor and a competitively small touchscreen. All combination only weights 116g. So, it is called as DJI Osmo Pocket, it is perfect to slip in your pocket.

Perfect Camera Performance

As referred in the introduction part, it has a high-performance camera with 1/2.3-inch sensors.

You can take in difficult environments like complex lighting or transitions between light and dark. So it shoots HDR videos perfectly.

Power Button With Multi Functions

It is built to turn on and off the camera. Further, you can use this power button to switch between photo and video mode or re-center and flip.

DJI Mimo App

You can use the app of DJI Mimo to control more features in advance. By app, it is connected to the smartphone, then you completely adjust everything from your smartphone.

Good editing suite

High quality of configuration makes it famous and reliable. You can set the tone of video with templates, filters or inserting music and watermark stickers.

Advanced Options

First: by supplying both Lightning and USB-C connectors, it allows the smartphone to directly connect the camera and gimbal through a free DJI Mimo app. It’s convenient to control capturing or choosing a rotation angle.

Second: follow mode and first-person view mode are great to make smooth, high-quality video and impressive images. Anyway, you are shaking or wobbling the gimbal.

Third: another function is a story mode. It let you tell a new story. It combines with preset shooting pattern and camera motion. So, you can feel truly images. After finish, you completely edit, shoot again or share these wonderful moments.

Fourth: intuitive mode and total customization mode allow you to enhance the high quality of image or video. Like retaining various detail, rooming more views or editing shaken video.

Fifth: Motion lapse mode allows you to shoot professionally cinematic videos. You don’t need to edit posing. You only elect Motion lapse mode, it automatically processes.

Lastly: Timelapse mode is perfect for condensing time and any movement. It helps you to capture the moment in an amazing way.

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