Top 9 best affordable alternatives to GoPro in the market 2019!

We all know how GoPro rules the market of action cameras nowadays. They are the best and most favorites products for cameramen, especially the GoPro Hero5 Black which has set a new definition of action cameras. It has all the things we look for when mentioning these handheld devices. However, buying GoPro cameras might make you break the bank. But don’t worry! There have been several dupes of this famous brand in town. Many well-known manufacturers like Yi, Sony, and Polaroid have joined this proliferating section with their high-quality yet budget-friendly action camera.

If you’re thinking about entering the action cam trend but don’t want to be broke by paying hundreds for high-end devices like the GoPro Hero7. The GoPro Hero6, the GoPro Hero5 Black, the GoPro Karma, and so forth, then our post today is your jam! We’ve selected some highly-performed and low-budgeted GoPro alternatives (some even support 4K quality) that don’t break your bank account.

As winter weather is dominating and spring is coming to town, the choice of an action camera is a perfect idea to save remarkable and memorable activities. Whatever you do whether it’s snowboarding, skiing, or jumping down from a jetski, these devices will be your best companions to record the action. However, if these activities are out of your holiday list, then these budget-friendly GoPro alternatives can be an ideal gift for friends and family.

The best GoPro alternative – FitForth 4K Action Camera (price around $50)

Nowadays, camera technologies are all about reducing the size as well as the price. And in the market today, we have lots of options providing 4K video resolution capability that won’t cause you broke. In this specific case, we bring you the box-shaped Fitfort 4K action camera. Of course, it cannot be compared to those under the name of GoPro Hero line, but the Fitfort is still no joke.

FitForth 4K Action Camera

This little device can record 4K video at 30 fps and Full HD of 1080p at 60 fps. Another excellent detail for photographers is the 16MP image sensor with a 170-degree wide-angle lens ensuring nothing can escape. The device also offers an extensive range of different mounts and a waterproof case helping the cam survive under the depth of up to 100 feet. Besides that, buyers also receive some accessories. Two 900mAh batteries are included, each one of them lasts for quite a long time.

Most GoPro alternatives’ price is about $100 and up, but this fantastic Fitfort 4K action camera is just $50 on Amazon. So if you’re searching for a high-quality action camera under $100, check our fit forth 4K action Camera.

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Campark 4K action camera ( price around $55)

If you want to buy a well-trusted action camera with waterproof ability but just have a low budget, this Campark 4K will satisfy every need of yours. Equipped with a 16MP sensor along with a WiFi remote control, and the waterproof capability for depths of up to 30 feet under the water surface, this camera is in the list of Amazon best-sellers. This also means Campark 4K action camera is one of the best GoPro alternatives in the market. It also offers rechargeable batteries and a useful kit of mounting accessories. Therefore, the battery life, as well as extra attachments, aren’t the problems no more.

Campark 4K action camera

Although it’s not the perfect GoPro Hero6 Black, the Campark 4K action cam is still an excellent choice compared to the differences between these two products’ price and the quality. It’s waterproof and gives you the HD video quality which is rare for those in the same price range. You can quickly get yourself one for just $55 on Amazon, and there you go! Begin your waterproof adventure.

VTech Kidizoom Action Camera ( price around $42)

If your kid is a young adventurer or you have an aspiring action photographer friend in your life, this cool VTech KidiZoom Action Cam is the one you must check out. It’s a kid-friendly (and also wallet-friendly) Kidizoom device from Vtech. You can easily set up and use this action cam to capture photos and record videos. It also comes with tons of gorgeous pre-programmed filters and editing effects.

VTech Kidizoom Action Camera

A rugged waterproof case which can hold up to 6 feet under the water is áo included. Now, you’ll have yourself a perfect tool to take to the pool or the beach. Of course, it also comes along with mounts for biking, skateboarding, and an adhesive helmet mount. The only problem is it won’t perform that excellently under the low light situation.

Though the ideal GoPro Hero5 Black, Hero3, or Hero Session provide some other fascinating features that VTech doesn’t possess, with the cannot-be-more-affordable price of $42 from Amazon, the VTech Kidizoom Action Camera is an excellent yet low-budgeted choice for anyone who likes to explore.

Intova Dub Action Camera ( price around $37)

Initially, the Intova Dub Action Camera is meant for adventures who loves to explore the lake, ocean, or purely love to dive in the swimming pool. The reason why we say so is because of the waterproof capability of surviving under the depth of up to 200 feet.

But that’s not everything.  This camera can also float, which means in case of dropping the product into the water, it’ll be outstanding and you just need to retrieve it. The Dub also supports Full HD quality with 1080p resolution thanks to its fantastic 108-degree lens and also comes with a 1.5-inch LCD screen.

Intova Dub Action Camera

The accompanying internal battery provides a two-hour life before users have to recharge. Compared to other products, this amount of battery life is desired. What makes it even better is the camera’s threaded mounting hole which is compatible with nearly every standard aftermarket mounts and accessories.

Typically, resellers sell it for around $100, but you can get a much nicer deal on Amazon with just $37. This action cam is an ideal GoPro alternative with a much affordable price. Therefore, if you’re finding a rugged, waterproof, and floatable action cam, the Intova Dub Action Cam is a wonderful and smart selection. It’s also in stock on B&H at the same price.

Yuntab 1080p Action Camera ( price around $25)

If you’re all about finding an extremely affordable GoPro alternative, Yuntab is the most suitable entry-level camera. Of course, in this price range, you can hardly find any unit coming with a 4K quality. Therefore, it’s impressive that the Yuntab still boasts some awesome features including 1080p video quality, a lens with a wide angle, and a vibrant 2-inch LCD. The Yuntab 1080p Action Cam also offers a sensor of 5 megapixels for shooting usages and time-lapse photos. Along with the product is a waterproof case, which is durable and able to survive in all of your underwater adventures under the incredible depth of 100 feet maximum.

Yuntab 1080p Action Camera

And the most considerable part is it’s just only $25 on Amazon! It could be said that the Yuntab 1080p Camera is the best choice for those who want to step into the world of excellent action cameras without breaking their budget buying a GoPro camera.

Yi Discovery 4K action camera (price around $60)

Stealing all the spotlight in the list of the best GoPro alternative deals is this fantastic Yi 4K action camera. We all know the Yi brand as a strong rival of GoPro, and this company recently has stepped up their game with a contract with Google on their ongoing VR project. The same as the Hero or Hero 5, this action cam offers the ability of recording 4K video at the rate of 20 fps and 1080p (Full HD) at 60 fps. Their video quality and image stabilization are splendid. Thanks to the 150-degree wide-angle lens, users can capture all the action happened around. At the same time, the 2-inch full-color touchscreen reveals everything as it happens. The Wi-Fi connectivity also provides users with the ability to sync the device with your mobile phone. Therefore, you can easily control your footage through the Yi Action app.

Yi Discovery 4K action camera

This 4K camera is currently sold on Amazon for $54 after applying a ten-percent discount coupon (you can get the code on the product page), which is quite budget-friendly compared to its quality.

Sony HDR-AS50 1080p action camcorder (price around $181)

Sony has also joined the market of action cams in these recent years. Compared to GoPro traditional designs, Sony’s wearable video recorders adds a unique touch making it a worth-to-buy yet not-too-expensive alternative. The HDR-AS50 is initially built for the purpose of mounting to a wide array of outdoor attachments, from helmets to bikes.

Sony HDR-AS50 1080p action camcorder

Different from other action cameras featuring a built-in touch display, this Sony action camera offering a live-view strap-on remote that can be attached on your wrist. This provides you with a head-up display and control hub; therefore, there is no need to handle the camera when it is mounted. The HDR-AS50 also supports 1080p (Full HD) videos at 60fps and 720p (HD) videos at 120fps and has a 12MP sensor for photography purpose.

Although the price of Sony HDR-AS50 doesn’t belong to low price range like other GoPro alternatives, it is still much more affordable than the GoPro Hero lineup. You can buy Sony HDR-AS50 1080p action cam for $181 (after applying a $75 off coupon) on Rakuten.

Ion Air Pro Lite action camcorder (price around $110)

Next, we have the Air Pro Lite from Ion which is known as the cheaper version of the Sony HDR-AS50. It also features a similar design of the Sony one and is compatible with tons of attachments helping it mount to bikes, vehicles, watercraft, and more. The Air Pro Lite can record 1080p (Full HD), and 720p (HD) videos can take still burst, and time-lapse photos of 14MP. The camera also has the waterproof ability at depths of 30 feet without being in a separate case and has a long-lasting battery life of 2.5 hours maximum.

Ion Air Pro Lite action camcorder

It’s also packed with a convenient bike and helmet mount. At the same price range, it’s one of the most excellent choices. It’s the perfect device for bicycling for kids and teens. The Ion Air Pro Lite is one of the most budget-friendly camcorder-style GoPro alternatives. With the price of $110 from Amazon, it’s much cheaper than other camcorders out there. You can also get them at Walmart at a much more affordable price tag but is currently not available there.

Polaroid Cube action camera (price around $30)

You all might only know Polaroid for its popular classic instant-print photo cameras, but the company has managed to enter the game by producing its lineup of affordable GoPro alternatives. A nice little touch is the iconic array of rainbow Polaroid design. The Polaroid Cube 1080p action cam satisfy both criteria of appearance and the price. Coming with a 124-degree wide-angle lens and a robust rubberized housing that is flash-resistant, it’s a waste not to own yourself one.

Polaroid Cube action camera

The mounting compatibility of Polaroid Cube Action Camera is high, and it also offers a built-in magnet at the bottom that enables users to stick them on any metal surfaces. Formerly, the price of Polaroid action cam was $100 then increased to $120. But now you can get the black Polaroid Cube action cam for only $30 on Amazon.

Note: All price on our page is capture on Mar 24, 2019. You should go to the Amazon page to check the latest price on it. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Many thanks in advance.

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