A Guide to Select Mini Refrigerator

Are you thinking of buying a refrigerator? A mini refrigerator is the best way of keeping food and drinks cool. With a wide range of mini refrigerators available, selecting one is a challenging task. Some fridges are suitable to store drinks and snacks, while some can even store meats. In recent times, a mini fridge is an alternative to picnic coolers and thermos bottles.

When deciding to buy a fridge, it is essential to consider what items you will be using it for. This article is a guide to explore different types of mini fridges, the sizes, and their functions. 

What is a Mini Fridge?

A mini refrigerator is a fridge that has the capacity of less than 5.5 cubic feet. This fridge can be used to store food and drinks that may not fit in the main fridge at home. Most the features of the mini fridge are similar to of a regular fridge. It includes an ice maker and small freezer compartment as well.

A Guide to Select Mini Refrigerator

Mini refrigerators are the best to pick for keeping drinks and snacks cool. This fridge does not meet the required temperature to prevent the bacteria growth.

Types of Mini Refrigerator

There are many different types of mini fridges. Some most commonly used mini refrigerators are:

Cube Refrigerator

Cube refrigerator is the mostly used mini fridge. The interior space ranges from 11.5 to 2.1 cubic feet and weighs around 25-30 pounds. This fridge can be a good pick for small spaces as the height of this fridge is between 18-20 inches. The freezer compartment can store an ice-cube tray. However, cube fridge has poor insulation but the latest models are becoming more energy efficient. Moreover, most of the fridges have a locking mechanism in order to keep items safe. These fridges feature reversible door, so they can be fitted according to available space.

Mid-Size Mini Fridge

A mid-size mini fridge is larger than the cube fridge. It offers a larger freezer section that allows more drinks and snacks to be stored. The average capacity of this fridge is 2.6 cubic feet and average height is 26 inches. Most of the mid-sized fridge features an adjustable thermostat. They can defrost automatically, which makes it easier and quicker to clean.

Drinks Mini Fridge

This type of fridge is only used for drinks and snacks. They can store up to 12 bottles or cans. These fridges are best-suited for parties or dorm room.

Travel Mini Fridge

Travel fridge is the perfect way to keep foods and drinks cool when traveling. Travel mini-fridges are available in 3 types.

Thermoelectric Model Fridge

Thermoelectric model is designed for cooling or warming food but for a shorter time. This fridge is connected to the car cigarette lighter and puts a considerable drain on the battery. They should be disconnected when the engine is turned off. Though the fridge is not expensive, they make a lot of noise. This type of travel fridge is ideal for short trips.

Compressor Model Fridge

Compressor model features a 12-volt battery or AC power. It does not drain battery rapidly and is less noisy. However, external temperature fluctuations make it difficult it maintain the temperature of the fridge. This model has the control setting for the temperature, food can still be frozen or warm. It is best-suited for keeping food and drinks cool for longer trips.

Absorption Model Fridge

An absorption model depends on liquid ammonia cooling and evaporating into a gas to keep the snack and beverages cool. The fridge requires a power source to be effective and it must be kept level. There is no motor in this mini refrigerator, it makes it very quiet. It can be used in a place where there is no electricity available.

Comparison Between Mini Refrigerator

Mini Fridge by RCA

RCA 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator is perfect for the dorm rooms, bedroom or office. This fridge is CFC free and has a built-in adjustable thermostat. This allows keeping your drinks at the right temperature.  It performs well irrespective of the outside temperature. Compact fridge features a freezer compartment. The fridge can be placed conveniently anywhere as the reversible door can open to right or left. RCA offers a quality product at a reasonable price. This fridge is the perfect for your needs.

Compact Fridge by Danby

Danby adds a sophisticated touch to any room in your home or office. The fridge features 2.6 cubic feet of cooling capacity. It is an ideal product for dorm rooms or small office. The mini fridge is environmentally friendly as it used R600a refrigerant. Appliances can easily be stored on the scratch resistant worktop. The fridge has automatic defrost setting that makes it easier to clean. It is the best to pick as the fridge has reversible door swing and integrated door handle.

Mini Fridge by Midea

The refrigerator offered by Midea is low noise and energy saving. The fridge features CFC free, separate chiller compartment and reversible doors. This fridge has a separate vegetable and fruit drawer. It is best-suited for dorm rooms or office buildings.

You can select the mini refrigerator according to your requirements. You should not select the cheapest fridge as it is an indispensable investment that you cannot go wrong with. When you are choosing the mini fridge, you should consider the size of the mini fridge. If you have less space in the room you must select fridge between 1.5 to 6 cubic feet. In case you want to store drinks and snacks then go for smaller size. Another factor you must consider is the price of the mini fridge. Some features that affect the cost are:

  • Noise levels
  • Ice dispenser facility
  • Locking facility
  • Extra worktop space
  • Automatic defrost feature
  • Energy efficiency

Advantages of Mini Refrigerators

You can reap many benefits by using mini fridges. Some of them are:


You can benefit from the mini fridge because it is convenient. They fridge can easily be moved from one room to another without any extra help. Moving the mini fridge backyard or swimming pool may not be a difficult task. Mini fridge is lighter in weight and can be moved by one person.  You can take the fridge on the road trips as well.

Extremely Handy

Moreover, mini fridge can be useful in the workplace. It can be placed next to the desk to keep drinks and snacks. Compact fridge comes in handy as you can store your lunch in it. It saves money as you will not spending money getting beverages from the vending machine.

On the other hand, at home you can keep the fridge in the mini-bar area or entertainment room.  In this way, you may not have to get up and go in the kitchen to get a drink.

Reliable With Energy

The mini refrigerator requires very little time for recharging. This makes them feasible for road trips. Mini refrigerators are economical product as they reduce consumption of electrical power. Using these fridges for longer periods of time is made effortless. This is because their batteries can last for lengthy duration.


Mini refrigerators are useful and can be found in homes, patios, dorms, office buildings, and recreational vehicles. You can set the fridge according to your preference, wherever you like. Mini refrigerators are most useful for students, they can place it in dorm rooms. Compact fridges takes less space while keeping food and drinks fresh.

Drawback of Mini Fridge

Some of the disadvantages of mini fridge are:

Does not Keep Items Cool for Longer Time

Mini fridge designs are criticized of being incapable of keeping the items cool for lengthy durations. But you can invest in the fridge that accommodate freezer. Many mini fridge have no crisper drawer. The items will lose its fresh taste after a few days.

Limited Space

Another drawback of the mini fridge is limited storage capacity. You can store specific amount of drinks and snacks in the fridge. In case you want to keep frozen meat, compact fridge might not be a suitable pick. However, you can buy mini fridge with freezer to store meat but it is expensive.

Why You Should Select Mini Refrigerator?

Mini refrigerators are best pick for everyone. It can be placed in bed room, office, and dorm room. Compact fridge have many benefits. It is portable, you can easily relocate the fridge in any room. It is convenient as you can move it from room to back yard or swimming pool area. You will not need any extra help to move it. They utilize less space and are good for small living spaces like dorm rooms. Furthermore, mini fridges are used as back-ups for keeping extra meats, drinks and frozen foods. They come with energy saving features. It is useful to help reduce the monthly energy bills.

Overall, the mini refrigerators that are available in the market are very functional and sophisticated. It is essential to buy compact fridges manufactured by well-known companies. They offer top quality products at reasonable prices. 

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