A Complete Guide for Choosing Side by Side Refrigerators

Are you having trouble buying refrigerators? When buying refrigerators we all want to get the best side by side refrigerators. Investing is refrigerator is a long-term investment that you must decide carefully. You look for the best machine on the market to keep your food cold.

Previously purchasing refrigerators were as simple as selecting between off-white and eggshell. But as the time has passed, manufacturers are redefining the refrigerators. In modern times, there is a wide range of different types of refrigerators to choose from. Moreover, refrigerators have various colors, styles to match your décor. Some new smart features are also incorporated that can turn your kitchen into an entertainment hub.

Finding the perfect model according to your requirements and budget is a challenging task. This guide will help you in choosing the right refrigerator. Read further to know the reasons for selecting side by side refrigerator.

Types of Refrigerators

With the advancement in technology, there are wide range of different types of refrigerators. These fridge manufacturers think out of the box to provide with new smart features.  Some of the types of refrigerators are as follows:

Top Freezer

Top freezer is a traditional fridge that is a good fit for plenty of storage in a tight space. This refrigerator provides most space for their size. They offer up to 22 cubic foot storage capacity.

Bottom Freezer

This fridge ranges from 30-36 inches wide and storage capacity of 30 cubic feet. In comparison to the top freezer, this fridge has less space. The fridge shelves are easily scan-able.

French Door

The refrigerator has two slim doors and freezer at the bottom. In some fridge there are one or more drawers in between. In width the fridge ranges from 30 to 36 inches. It has 30 feet cubic capacity but usable space is less than top freezer model. This space saving small-swing doors have the benefit of opening half the fridge for placing smaller items.


This fridge is expensive and is made to fit with cabinets and counters. These come in side-by-side style or bottom-freezer style. They have 25 cubic feet storage capability, out of which only 70% is usable.


The side by side refrigerators has a fridge on one side and freezer on the other. They usually have through the door ice and water dispenser and temperature-controlled bins. The narrow doors are perfect for small kitchens but are not wide for the pizza box. They are 32 to 26 inches wide with a storage capacity of 30 cubic feet. Side by side refrigerators come in many models and offer more features than other ranges. They require less clearance to open the doors which make it best for a narrow kitchen. Overall, side by side refrigerator is energy and space efficient.

Comparison Between the Side by Side Refrigerator

Here is a comparison between 3 best refrigerators available in the market.

Side by Side refrigerator by Frigidaire

The fridge by the Frigidaire is a good option to consider. This fridge has adjustable gallon door bin, water filter and SpillSafe sliding glass shelves. The sliding shelves make cleaning easy and quick.  It also offers an external ice and water dispenser. Side by side fridge is less space consuming and more storage capacity of 26 cubic feet. This side by side refrigerator is a best available fridge in the market.

French Door Fridge by LG

It is one of the best French door refrigerator available on the market. This fridge features 2 humidity crispers, 7 door baskets and spills protector shelves. The fridge also has ice and water dispenser. It has the storage capacity of 24 cubic feet. The exterior design is made of Stainless Steel. This fridge features Energy Star because of which it utilizes less electricity. It makes this fridge energy efficient.

Side by Side Refrigerator by General Electric (GE)

This fridge by GE has 4 glass shelves which are easy to clean. It has storage capacity up to 26 cubic feet and a gallon door storage. Other features include ice and water dispenser and Energy Star. This makes this side by side refrigerator is space and energy efficient. The fridge is best fit for the kitchen with narrow space.

You must choose the refrigerator that is in accordance with your needs. Though,side by side refrigerators are the best suited option.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Refrigerators

Apart from the features offered by the refrigerator, you must consider other factors as well such as your kitchen space, budget, and eating habits.

Kitchen Space

The kitchen space is a very important factor that you must consider when buying a refrigerator. A refrigerator needs some inches to spare around all sides. This will let the refrigerator function efficiently and allow air to circulate. You must consider how wide the doors swing open and confirm you have sufficient clearance. Side by side refrigerator is the best to pick for small kitchen space and offer plenty of storage space.

Eating Habits

In case you often cook fresh food then you might want to go for side by side refrigerator. It makes it easy for you to grab items. And you won’t have to squat for taking out frozen meat. The side by side fridge provides the best of both worlds. Most of the models have adjustable shelves, drawers with temperature settings. You must spend time investigating a model’s usability and even your own habits before buying.


The factors that affect the price of the fridge are exterior design and smart features. Side by side refrigerator is the suitable pick as they offer many features like ice and water dispenser and internet connectivity. They are perfect as they are cost-effective and durable.


When deciding which refrigerator to buy you must consider the size of your family. Side by side refrigerator is a perfect fit for a family with kids, elder or disabled. This fridge allows you to store items on shelves that are easily accessible for everyone. Side by side refrigerator assists in energy conservation by letting less air out. This helps in keeping the food fresh for longer period of time.

Energy Bill

The fridge takes up to 14% of the home’s total energy usage. It is imperative to read the energy bill carefully before deciding. Most of the new side by side refrigerators are Energy Star models that utilize 20 % less electricity.

Advantages of Side by Side Refrigerator

Side by side refrigerators have many benefits. Some of the advantages are:

Most Used Items Placed at Easily Accessible Place

If you have kids then side by side refrigerator is the perfect fridge for you. Most of the times, kids hold the door open for longer time trying to reach the items they want. You can place snacks or drinks of kids in a place they can reach easily. In this way, they will not hold the door open for long. If you want some items to be placed out of children’s’ reach, you can place it on higher shelves.

Easy to Take out Frozen Goods

Digging in the freezer to find required items can be frustrating. Having freezer on the side provide significant space on shelf. It makes easy to locate and reach they items.

Less Space Consuming

In the kitchens with less space, side by side refrigerator is the best option. The reason is that the fridge doors need less room to swing making them a definite bonus.

Water and Ice Dispenser

The side by side refrigerator allows you to get ice or water without opening the fridge door. Most of the customers find this feature the reason to buy side by side fridge.  It is cost saving option because the doors are left closed.

Disadvantage of Side by Side Refrigerator

The disadvantage of the side by side refrigerator is:

Maintenance of the Dispenser

The only disadvantage associated with side by side fridge is they upkeep of the dispenser. The space must be plumbed for water and replace filter, if required. But this will ensure you stay healthy and safe.

Why Should You Choose Side by Side Refrigerator?

The side by side refrigerator is the best pick as it is less space consuming and energy efficient. It can be placed in narrow kitchens and requires less space for open door. Moreover, family with children or disable person can reap many benefits. You can place the items most commonly used in easily accessible place. The children will not leave the door open for long looking for their snacks or drinks. The fridge and freezer are on sides so you won’t have to bend to get items. In order to get water or ice you will not have to open the fridge. Furthermore, most of the side by side refrigerators are Energy Star making it easy to reduce energy consumption. 

Therefore, the side by side refrigerator is best suited for space-conscious customers that are looking for a fridge with new tech features. Family with children and elder find investing in this fridge reasonable.

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